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Dublin – What to pack – Clothing and supplies tips

11 July 2017 · 2 min read
traveling around Dublin

Dublin is a busy city even though most sights can be reached by foot, we recommend you keep your luggage light since if you’re not going with a cab, you might be walking and hassling around a little through the crowd until you reach your accommodation.

Dublin is a rainy city and Ireland is not known as the Emerald Isle for no reason, so here’s a quick guide on the most important things to bring when visiting our beautiful city that can have four seasons in not only one day but also one hour:

Waterproof shoes are the most important item to bring along as it gets very wet and when it’s pouring, it usually doesn’t stop too soon. Next to exploring the city, you might want to head out to the coast of Dublin and hike along the cliffs and that’s when those Wellington boots just come perfect!

A waterproof coat is essential and preferably just one of those ugly plastic ponchos can be very useful. Umbrellas are mostly not the best idea since with the rain, comes a lot of wind and as soon as you’ll arrive here, you’ll see the umbrella remains literally everywhere. Do not worry if you don’t have one of those, Carroll’s, a traditional Irish souvenir shop, sells plenty of ponchos to keep your hair in order and your sweater dry. Don’t be afraid to look funny with it, we’re all wearing them.

Bring a tour guide: Dublin has plenty of sights and even though our receptionists are very helpful and knowledgeable, it always turns out handy to read a bit about the city so you can find yourself around easier and you know what you must see and what you’re not so much interested in. Besides, you don’t have to worry about getting lost since most recommendable guides contain very good maps of the city that will lead you back to your hotel in no time. However, if you’re not so much into guides, we hand out free maps of the city at our receptions.

A camera is an absolute must, as a UNESCO city of literature and cultural heritage, our city has plenty of beautiful buildings and sights to see which are definitely worth being kept in memory in one of those fantastic photo albums. Keep in mind to bring a little bag or cover for you camera in case the weather tries to surprise you.

Good mood is the final thing we recommend bringing to town since the Irish culture is an open-minded, friendly and helpful one. We’re always up for good fun and love to get to know new cultures. There is no way you will get around a conversation with a local, unless you’re hiding very well.

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