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Things to do when it’s raining in Dublin

23 June 2017 · 3 min read
Horse and carriage Dublin

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle and that’s not for no reason. The island is covered with a green landscape all year around. Summer temperatures are very modest and it rains a lot. That’s why we’ve created a list for you on some things you can do when the sun is hiding behind the clouds once again:

Visit Guinness Storehouse


One of the best-visited attractions in Dublin is undoubtedly the Guinness Storehouse. Carrying centuries of history within its walls, there is plenty to see and you can easily fill up a rainy afternoon in there. The attraction is usually a very busy one and nothing to choose for if you are short on time. The building used to be the hop house of the brewery back in the days and has now 7 incredible floors of entertainment: history, explanations about the brewing process, interactive activities, drafting competitions and the stunning Gravity bar.  Have a look at the shape of the staircase in the middle of the building, it has the shape of a pint of Guinness.

Explore the history at Dublin Castle

dublin castle

Dublin Castle, with its amazing city centre location, is the perfect sight to spend some hours in on a cloudy day. The castle bears a history of almost a millennium within its wall. The Vikings used to reside here in the 13th century and ever after it had been possessed by the British as they were oppressing Ireland. Since the 20th century, the place belongs to the Dublin City Council and is open to visitors. Get yourself a ticket for a guided tour at the entrance and explore the state apartments, the stunning Royal Chapel, the castle’s garden, the excavations made by the Vikings and the medieval tower, one of the last remaining. The tower has had various names and various meanings, two of them being to hold the state’s papers or the King’s wardrobe.

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin


Christchurch Cathedral is the oldest cathedral of Dublin city and is the headquarters of the Church of Ireland. Dating back to the early 11th century, the church has a long and impressive history with the Vikings. Situated in the medieval quarter of the city, it’s easily reachable. For a small donation fee, you visit the cathedral and its stunning crypts that are home to priceless silver and artefacts. Prayer sessions can be entered for free and several times a year, the church becomes the venues for orchestras or other events such as the Irish Village markets. For all history buffs, the church is linked through the gothic archway with the Dublinia visitor attraction that tells you all about Dublin’s Viking history and how it was like to live in those times.

Take a stroll with Horse and carriage ride through Phoenix Park

phoenix park

Even if it rains, that does not mean you can’t get out of your Davenport Hotel room. Take your umbrella, put on some Wellingtons, buy a poncho at Carroll’s and head off to Phoenix Park, the largest city park in Europe. Travel in style with a hose and carriage ride and explore the Wellington monument, the President’s house and the Pope’s cross. Don’t forget to try and spot one of the many deer that are living in Phoenix Park!

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